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Brew-A-Pony result #4 :iconshadowpaw1007:ShadowPaw1007 11 9 Brew-A-Pony result #3 :iconshadowpaw1007:ShadowPaw1007 8 6 Clefable and Gengar :icondav-19:DAV-19 7,345 412 Human Gems :iconthehappiestgolucky:thehappiestgolucky 6 18 Stop Being Typist (Art Trade) :iconthehappiestgolucky:thehappiestgolucky 4 3 AT- Spirit Points :iconteveehead:TeVeeHead 3 3 Pink Blue Agate :iconthehappiestgolucky:thehappiestgolucky 8 27 Giant Flying Sheep!!! :iconthehappiestgolucky:thehappiestgolucky 4 48 Squad Goals :iconthehappiestgolucky:thehappiestgolucky 3 29 Little Fox (Gift) :icondinodaddy:DinoDaddy 7 7 Purple NightSky :iconthehappiestgolucky:thehappiestgolucky 7 27 Then you do it better :icontekitourabbit:tekitourabbit 515 329
Tribe of Running Rabbits ROLEPLAY (WiP)
Alright, this is based off of Tribe of Rushing Water in the books, for those who don't know what that is, it's basically ancient mountain cats. It's been there since the first leaders of the Clans were still alive, Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Skyclan, Windclan, and Riverclan. This was also when Skyclan was not drove out, and the leader's names were Riverripple, (I believe.) Clearsky, Tallshadow, Thunder, and Windrunner.
Riverclan Skyclan Shadowclan Thunderclan and Windclan
Names would be mostly like, Little Fish That Swims In Brook or Dust That Blows Through Wind, you can check out this name generator here; Don't forget to press the "Other Names" button, or you will not get Tribe names. The Tribe names are at the bottom of the suggestions, if you don't get what you want, be sure to press the button again.
The rank Healer is both leader and medicine cat, as shown in The New Prophecy #2 Moonrise
Cave-guards mostly prot
:iconkittensocks3777:kittensocks3777 2 69
Pokemon - The Original Ghosts :iconthecrayonqueen:TheCrayonQueen 425 16 New Generation: Pg 2 :iconthehappiestgolucky:thehappiestgolucky 4 12 Mawile :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 1,197 192


Fan Kids
Where you give me a shipping or a couple and I'll make a fanchild for you. You can tell me what gender or traits they inherit from their parents, or you can have me go wild! 
It costs 5 points, but I can't go any lower than 10 on the price tag. It costs 5 points!
"Heart and Soul" Drawing
Basically, a piece I'll spend hours on to complete. Something I'll "pour my heart and soul" into. 
Detailed Drawing
More details and/or a better background. Color, shading and light effects of desired. Send me a reference and a be specific in what you want. 
Simple Drawing
Just some simple drawings. Lined, colored, and shaded, with no background or simple background. I specialize in animals and ponies. Send me a detailed reference and be specific in what you want. 


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Rhai Rhai
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hoi!! I'm Kitty!! Welcome to my gallery!! I appreciate comments on my art, if you mind taking a few seconds of your time. I'm into My Little Pony, Undertale, and a few other stuff. I'm still learning how this works, so please be patient with me! I'm a comment stalker, don't freak out, it just means I love your art. Alright? Alright. Thank you for visiting me!!

Call me Kitty or Rhai. Either works!
Kitty Button/Banner by HMG-Steve

My buddy made this for me. I'm so happy ^^

Amazing people I look up too!!
:iconhazespawn: :iconshadowpaw1007: :iconivyleaftea: :icontekitourabbit: :iconluckynight48:

Some of my best friends!
:iconthehappiestgolucky: This is my shipping buddy. We ship too many things
:iconteveehead: This my child. Don't touch my child.
:iconfluffypuppy19: This is my RP buddy. She is a cinnamon roll.
:iconkittensocks3777: This is my other RP buddy. We do cats.
:iconhmg-steve: This is my bae. I'm taken.

Ghostly Kitty Page Doll by KittyDragon619


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10 / 100
I would like to be able to buy commissions and donate to other artists. It would mean a lot to me.

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*changes notification tone*
Phone: Hey listen!! :navi: 
Me: Ah, that's better
Reports (request)
A request from my good friend, :iconteveehead:
Homeworld Tourmaline. I'd imagine Tourmalines to be normally intelligent, thus assigned to writing reports and designing tech. 
I found myself sketching and it got a bit out of control. 
But hey, this has kinda rekindled my artistic motivation.

1490316023990875159055 by KittyDragon619

Darn it, why am I this way...
Okay, so here's the challange,

Tell me what kind of bird this is. 20170322 104159-1 by KittyDragon619
It's about 2-3 weeks old. 20170322 104033 by KittyDragon619
It fits in the palm of my hand.

If you correctly tell me what it is, (sparrow, crow, hawk, ect.) you get a free request.
If you give me specifics, (White-Throated Sparrow, Northwestern Crow, Red-tailed Hawk, ect.) you get a detailed request.

Good luck! 
Chicken Dance 

I'm gonna add a clue every few hours or so. 

Clue 1: Not a sparrow, crow or hawk 

It's a bantam serama chicken! 

Since all three of these got it correct around the same time, I'll be making requests for all three.

Small Ink Demon
I am allowing the ink to corrupt my soul. Don't mind me slowly descending into darkness..

BUT HEY! Look at this cute little muffin!!
The muffin is mine. No one shall have him....



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