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Tribe of Running Rabbits ROLEPLAY (WiP)
Alright, this is based off of Tribe of Rushing Water in the books, for those who don't know what that is, it's basically ancient mountain cats. It's been there since the first leaders of the Clans were still alive, Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Skyclan, Windclan, and Riverclan. This was also when Skyclan was not drove out, and the leader's names were Riverripple, (I believe.) Clearsky, Tallshadow, Thunder, and Windrunner.
Riverclan Skyclan Shadowclan Thunderclan and Windclan
Names would be mostly like, Little Fish That Swims In Brook or Dust That Blows Through Wind, you can check out this name generator here; Don't forget to press the "Other Names" button, or you will not get Tribe names. The Tribe names are at the bottom of the suggestions, if you don't get what you want, be sure to press the button again.
The rank Healer is both leader and medicine cat, as shown in The New Prophecy #2 Moonrise
Cave-guards mostly prot
:iconkittensocks3777:kittensocks3777 2 79


Fan Kids
Where you give me a shipping or a couple and I'll make a fanchild for you. You can tell me what gender or traits they inherit from their parents, or you can have me go wild! 
It costs 5 points, but I can't go any lower than 10 on the price tag. It costs 5 points!
"Heart and Soul" Drawing
Basically, a piece I'll spend hours on to complete. Something I'll "pour my heart and soul" into. 
Detailed Drawing
More details and/or a better background. Color, shading and light effects of desired. Send me a reference and a be specific in what you want. 
Simple Drawing
Just some simple drawings. Lined, colored, and shaded, with no background or simple background. I specialize in animals and ponies. Send me a detailed reference and be specific in what you want. 


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Hoi!! I'm Kitty!! Welcome to my gallery!! I appreciate comments on my art, if you mind taking a few seconds of your time. I'm into My Little Pony, Undertale, and a few other stuff. I'm still learning how this works, so please be patient with me! I'm a comment stalker, don't freak out, it just means I love your art. Alright? Alright. Thank you for visiting me!!

Call me Kitty or Rhai. Either works!
Kitty Button/Banner by HMG-Steve

My buddy made this for me. I'm so happy ^^

Amazing people I look up too!!
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Some of my best friends!
:iconthehappiestgolucky: This is my shipping buddy. We ship too many things
:iconteveehead: This my child. Don't touch my child.
:iconfluffypuppy19: This is my RP buddy. She is a cinnamon roll.
:iconkittensocks3777: This is my other RP buddy. We do cats.
:iconhmg-steve: This is my bae. I'm taken.

Ghostly Kitty Page Doll by KittyDragon619


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I finished watching BaTIM chapter 2 and I'm in a creepy mood. Tell me what creepy/scary thing I should draw.
Chapter 4: Filly


  "Wait, what do you mean, pregnant?" Kitty cried. "I didn't do anything with anyone!"
  "Well, as you know, many unicorns use magic to have foals," the doctor pondered. "Perhaps there was an accidental misfire?"
 She thought for a minute. She remembered that day, the day they tried to preform a spell with her friend's DNA...
  "Oh no..."

 She was frozen for the rest of the afternoon. She couldn't think straight, her mind a blur as she walked home. She couldn't be pregnant, could she? But there was no denying it now. 
 At home she couldn't stop thinking about it. She lied on her bed and stared at the ceiling fan. She had another pony growing inside of her. She racked her brain for ideas on how exactly she'd tell her two best friends. Without thinking, she picked up her phone and dialed Sky's number. 
  "Hello?" The sweet voice chimed. 
  "Hey Sky? There's something I need to tell you,"
  "Oh, I do too!" 
  "What, really? I just th-"
 She was interrupted by a shrill cry. Something that sounded a lot like...
  "Crazy thing, Kitty! I woke up this morning, and I found a foal in my bed!"
  "A what?? Sky, what do you mean?"
  "Just meet us at my place, Purple is already on her way,"
 Baffled, Kitty got up and headed to Sky's house. 

  "Purple, Kitty! Come in please!" Sky chirped.
  "What's going on?" Purple asked. 
 She motioned the two inside. They exchanged confused looks and followed her. 
  "I'd like you to meet, Pastel Petals!" she showed the girls a cradle. In the cradle held a sleeping filly. She had a bright blue coat and a purple mane with a pink stripe. Her small wings were tipped with a deeper blue. The filly yawned and opened her deep rose colored eyes.
  "Sky, where did she come from?!" Purple demanded. 
 She lifted the filly gingerly in her hooves. "She just showed up one morning," she smiled at the filly. "I think it had something to do with that magic we did that time, remember?"
 The foal cooed softly in Sky's hooves.
  "Wait, she looks like me!" Purple gasped. 
 She giggled and reached out for Purple. Purple smiled and nuzzled the foal. 
  "Er, speaking of that, Sky?" Kitty peeped. "I got something to share,"
 They both looked away from the baby.
  "What is it?" Sky asked. 
  "Well, I went to the doctor like Purple suggested and I learned something,"
  "Do you have the flu?" Sky asked.
  "Do you have cancer??" Purple yelped.
  "Is it the Black Plague?!"
  "No no no, it's just..." she sighed deeply. "Well, I'm going to have a foal, like Sky,"
  "Really?" Purple asked. "You're pregnant?"
  "Well, if the reason is the same as mine, why didn't I get pregnant?" Sky held little Pastel close. "Maybe the situation is different for either of us,"
  "I thought so too," Kitty sat on the small stool. "I guess it would be different considering the magic at play,"
 She smiled at the now sleeping filly. "So, if Pastel looks like you and Purple, what will my foal look like?"
  "No telling, he or she most likely look like you plus one of us,"
  "True," she looked at her still flat belly. "There's no telling."
  "Wait, if it effected both me and Kitty," Sky gasped. "What about Purple?"


~Author's Notes~
So, since I have no clue what Purple is going to experience with the effects of the spell, I'll have to either discuss it with her creator, Happy or just let her write her own side, but I know she's working on her story, Tale Of Odessa. 

Sky Art & Pastel Pedals// :iconteveehead:
Purple Talents// :iconthehappiestgolucky:
Kitty Nightheart// :iconkittydragon619:

First: Explanations Chapter 1
Previous: Explanations Chapter 3
Next: WIP
Wild Gengar
This girl is my main in Pony Town. 
She's got a chill attitude and has a habit of giving others nick names (most famous being Meow Mix for Mewtwo) and joking around a little too much. 
 So far, she's befriended a Charizard (named Burn) and a Meloetta. She's been possessed by Darkrai. She's gotten into a relationship with Burn, resulting in a scary hide and seek game with his girlfriend. 
Glitch Update
Updated this little guy thanks to :iconfluffypuppy19:

Name: Glitch Temheart 
Age: 15
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Relationships: Kitty (Mother) Error (Father) Hack (sister) Oliver "Blue" (Friend/Bandmate) Berry (Girlfriend)

Bio: Glitch was created by just that. A bunch of glitches in the space time continuum that somehow mashed these two's DNA into a totally different entity.
 He enjoys singing and paying instruments, mostly his guitar he carries everywhere.
 He's insecure and nervous about himself so he doesn't like to use his powers around others. So then he doesn't even know what he's capable of. 
 Only close friends have been able to calm him down in a panic attack, witch get really chaotic. 
 He glitches when nervous, upset or excited. 
 His tail is very short, only a foot long.
 His soul is exposed, loose in his ribcage. He can get serous damage if not careful. 

Berry// :iconthehappiestgolucky:
Oliver "Blue"// :iconfluffypuppy19:
This is a Dark type Ghost type  mythical pokémon made soulful for a roleplay on Pony Town. Haven't quite gotten a name for it yet. 



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